Friday, April 26, 2013

39 Weeks

Almost there! What an amazing journey.

It has not gotten easier to wait. Who was it that said of child rearing, “The days are long but the years are short”? Well, of pregnancy I say "The months are short, but the days are long.” Now that I’m counting days instead of months, it has actually gotten harder to wait. I’m very full of baby, hormones and discomfort. So much in love with a person I’ve never met but know so intimately. So incredibly thankful to have been given this gift of pregnancy. So blessed with wonderful children and a husband who tries SO hard to meet my every need and show me his love through serving me. And here I am, in spite of all this blessing, feeling as though each day is a painfully slow journey towards delivery. I am ready to be done. I’m cooked. This is hard work. Really, really hard work.

My patience with everything/everyone is running thin, which I blame largely on itsy-bitsy sleeping habits, hormone overload, and discomfort with every move. Am I not an excellent complainer? A particular skill of mine. Today I’m enjoying a respite from mommy-hood thanks to my own excellent mother and Nana, who is here from CA for several weeks. No little people running around my house, not a clammer or question or patter or a cry to be heard! It is almost eerie. I think I like it in small doses, this quiet house thing!

On the belly front, I am deep and wide. I like to think I still look cute, but its hard to know for sure when it feels like baby is desperately attempting to push his way out - through skin if necessary. He is riding much lower, which lets me breath better and walk worse. I have not started waddling yet. However, when I’m out, people have changed their tone from “Aww, she looks so cute and pregnant” to “Oh my, when are you going to have that baby?” Happy smiles have turned to concerned smiles. I try to think its funny instead of just getting irritated… which as I said before, is so very easy for me to default to right now!

I have no good pictures of 39 weeks. Maybe I’ll take a couple today and post them later. IF I can think of something cute to wear and can muster up the energy to curl my hair.

Pray for me (and for those around me!) while I wait upon the Lord’s timing!

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