Wednesday, March 6, 2013

32 Weeks ~ Counting Down!

32 weeks 1Baby size: He’s about 4 lbs. and between 16 and 18 inches long. His living space is dwindling, I can say that with confidence!

How far along: 32 weeks. It was exciting to hit the 30 week mark, but my excitement has turned into something more like longing as I’ve gotten a lot less comfortable and the eight weeks left until my due date seem interminable. Technically, I can deliver anytime after April 18th… that’s only six weeks away. I’m not even entertaining the idea that I might go long. Please don’t mention such a thing!

Total weight gain: More than I’d like, but less than I could! I’ve gained 22 lbs. to date… One month saw a 32 weeks 2whopping weight gain of six lovely lbs! Since then I’ve evened out to more like half a pound to one pound a week.

Sleep: Not bad. Still up a few times – you know why! – but mercifully, going right back to sleep. In fact, this last week I’ve even been getting up with my guy and having a nice quiet time before the kids get up. My life is so much more balanced when that is my routine!

Clothes: Okay, at the risk of sounding ungrateful… I’m totally ready to be done with maternity clothes. I have a lot of really cute things, but I really just want to fit back into my skinny clothes! In the meantime, sweatpants are my best friend and will be until I die. The end.

Food drama: Well, I’m sorry to say, my stomach has given up its space to baby and I can no longer eat. (Slight exaggeration.) I won’t go into details. My grapefruit/orange craving finally had to be denied which made me very sad, BUT kiwi is my new must-have. Oh, how I love kiwi! In fact I just finished off a bowl of yummy kiwi and strawberry and were it not for the fact that I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner, I would have more. Delish!!

Symptoms: Nesting! I’ve heard of such phenomenon but never truly experienced it. My home is getting the scourge of its life and my energy rises for cleaning tasks and then plummets. Aside from my ‘big tummy’ as my littles refer to it, I am thankful to report that a lot of the typical pregnancy symptoms (swelling, heartburn, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, stretch marks, etc) are still passing me by. I don’t assume that will last until the end, but I’ll take it as long as it does! 32 weeks 6

Exercise: 20 minutes of pregnancy pilates a few times I week. My hips always hurt after the workout, so I can’t do it consecutive days, but I figure every little bit helps keep me strong for the coming day.

What Baby’s up to: According to our last appointment with my midwife, my clever boy has engaged himself in the right position for birth. He has a nice strong heartbeat that I could listen to all day. All his stretches and rolls and kicks are so endearing and even comforting… just to know that he’s doing well in there. Sometimes he finds a nerve or rib and spends his time playing fiddle on it, but mostly its just as wonderful as when I felt his first pop-corn kick. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure I will miss feeling his movements so intimately after he’s born. Its just special and I love it.

32 weeks 3



Belly Button: Innie/outie. You can see it through my shirts now… weird.


What I’m looking forward to: More and more every week, I just can’t wait to hold him! I want to see his face and cuddle him. Its all SO exciting!



32 weeks 7Caleb and Sarah 1


  1. OH my goodness you are SO close!!!!!!! You may even be early you never know!!!! Adorable belly and perfect weight gain :) trust me it will all melt off it's amazing! And you will miss those kicks!!:(

  2. Thanks, Anne :) I'm starting to get really excited now that I'm counting on one hand! Your recent pic is SO cute. You need to put up MORE!