Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Weeks ~ 10 to Go!

I’m actually writing this a couple weeks late, so I’m just going to post a few pictures that a good friend of mine took this week. I’m excited to be counting on two hands now! It’s a bit surreal to think that we are almost a family of five and that this little boy kicking around inside is in his final weeks of cooking. I’ve felt really good for the most part. In fact, at this point I’d say my 3rd trimester has been the best. Sure, my body is a bit more cumbersome, but my energy has been better. So much to do, so little time. Another thing I’m excited about is that I’m now going to my midwife every two weeks instead of once a month. It really helps to pass the time! Plus, every time I hear his swooshing heartbeat my own heart jumps a bit. According to my midwife, I’m measuring one inch smaller than ‘average’, whatever that is, and my weight gain has been ‘appropriate.’ Good stuff.

So here are a few of the pics from this weeks…

30 weeks 5









30 weeks 430 weeks 1




30 weeks 2













30 weeks 6I love these shots that Tara took for me, especially the ones of Jon and me together. I feared that I may not get any of the two of us, and these hit the spot precisely.  Thank you, friend!!

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