Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall-ish Ramblings

Along with the crisp mornings, hoodies and sweatpants, dewy walks, and yummy smells, Autumn brings back to me a desire to log the hours that rush by too fast. It is the introspective season, the soul-dredging season. I find that after so long an absence, my fingers and thoughts are slow to share their ideas with each other! But one does as Autumn beckons. I will not deny my favorite season. Besides I have a story to tell of God's grace, miracles, timing that I would not choose, pain that brings blessing, and joy in the journey that God set me on as part of his eternal plan.

My intent is to write out our adoption stories at long last for the sake of my memories and so that my children can also share my memories of their beginnings. And dear friend, for the sake of you! There is much misunderstanding about adoption and education is key to having a proper perspective on adoptive families and adopted kids. I hope that over a series of posts I can help to win your heart to understand at least this adoptive families feelings, experience, and thoughts on this sensitive subject. My intent is not to condescend in any way, but simply to lay out a godly view of adoption and honor the Lord's work in our family. So stay tuned for the upcoming series ... and the twist at the end!

With that, I am excited to be back to blogging, I'm excited that this season that I love is finally here, and I'm excited to share life with you, my friends! Join me in an apple cider and a pumpkin muffin. We're casual around here, so feel free to don your baggiest sweats. Thanks for stopping by!

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