Friday, July 1, 2011

One Winter’s Day

The wedding of Naomi and Victor was an event to remember. Interesting styling + interesting people = interesting pictures! I couldn’t treat these photos in the typical, classic style because the vintage vibe of the wedding took charge of my creative process. (Add to that, my camera decided to do its own thing and shoot the whole wedding on ISO 1000. Yes, I do blame my camera’s initiative… it couldn’t have been operator error.){Alright, it was my fault.}
Regardless, here’s a sampling of my angle of this creamy, vintage-y, furry, wintery day…
DSC_1417 vintage dressDSC_1450 getting dressed
DSC_1622 loveDSC_1654 together soft
DSC_1657 kiss
DSC_1681 togetherDSC_1672 walk with me vintage
DSC_1714 brideDSC_1890 flowergirls
DSC_1903 peekingDSC_1904 peeking
DSC_2084 THE kiss vintageDSC_1946 church vintageDSC_2116 signing
And there you have it. A happy bride, a tender groom, friends and family full of adoration. I was happy to have my finger clicking away the day and happy that I got a handful of shots worth sharing. Long life, Naomi and Victor!


  1. Love these Kari!!!! I think you salvaged the camera's errors BEEE-A-YOU-tifully!!! Are these on the disks you gave me? I want to use them!

  2. Thanks, Tara :) Yes, you have them all.