Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angles of Bliss

I love how weddings each have a distinct personality. Some are romantic and luscious, some are solemn, some are vibrant. The wedding of Joel and Emily was just SO happy. You could not attend without putting on your best smile and thoroughly enjoying yourself… I think it must have mentioned something about that in the invitation; Instead of a black tie dress request, a bring your best smile and your happiest wishes request. Take a look…

DSC_0186 TulipsDSC_0220 copyDSC_0279 BrideDSC_0303 Father and BrideDSC_0346 flowergirl

Tulips are such happy flowers, aren’t they? I do think that if I ever get married again (to the same charming man, of course!) I will carry tulips.

DSC_0357 Pre-Ceremony







Isn’t Olivia the sweetest little flower girl? Don’t be deceived, her flower-girl skills have been carefully honed!


DSC_0362 First LookDSC_0363 First LookDSC_0366 First LookDSC_0367 First LookDSC_0375 First LookDSC_0413 First Look













I love these of their first look… The joy is so apparent in their eyes and expressions. Makes me want to marry J again! (Did I already bring that up?)

DSC_0531 The Party

I have so many good shots from this wedding waiting patiently in the “edit these” file but as soon as they make it to the “edited” file I will post a few more! The weddings are piling up and the editing is unfortunately taking second fiddle to house selling/buying/packing/moving plans. You know, maybe I’ll just leave it all behind, run off to Hawaii and get married again… If we do it on the beach J won’t have to rent a tux and I won’t have to buy shoes. What a fabulous imagination I have!

One more…

DSC_0405 SupriseLOVE it!


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